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General FAQ’s

What is the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge?

The Kilimanjaro Aventure Challenge was originally hosted as a virtual weekend event for young people to achieve their ‘Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge’ badge. Activities, however, remain open to complete whenever you wish!. Participants must complete x12 challenges  (x2 from each of the six zones), in order to complete their adventure with Kibo and get their badge!

Why is the Giraffe called Kibo?

Kibo is named after the highest volcanic cone on Mt Kilimanjaro where we are going!

Can I join the actual 2022 expedition?

That depends! We currently still have space on the expedition. But to attend you must be over 18 by the 1st of October 2021 when we start our team training, and you must be a scouter in the United Kingdom with a Full UK Scouting Role (Sorry Occasional Helpers) when you apply and when you go on the trip.

Event FAQ’s

How do I get my Certificate?

Your certificate is automatically generated for you! You can find it on the “Adventure Progress” drop-down on the Adventure Home page. If you haven’t completed the badge requirements yet this will be locked though! Remember to download this when you are finished completing activities, as the certificate lists what you have done so you can show your leaders!

I downloaded my certificate before i finished completing activities. How do I get the new activities added?

Your certificate is automatically generated when you click the download button. You can go back and re-download it and your new activities will be added!

I marked an activity as complete but it doesn’t show on the progress drop-down?

There are a couple of reasons for this that you can try out.

  1. Try and refresh the page encase the list shown is not up to date
  2. Your device may not like the Javascipt Code that monitors for activity completion
    1. Check Javasript is enabled or your browser or this website. Instructions here
    2. Try another device. If you have another device try logging into that. This has helped many users before.
  3. If none of the above has worked then please drop us an email with your username, and the activities you have completed to [email protected] and one of our volunteers will be more than happy to mark these off for you manually. We recommend doing this in batches to save sending loads of emails.

My certificate has the wrong name on it?

Out certificates are automatically generated using the name you entered for your account when you signed up. You can contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page with your username and what you would like your name changed to and we will update this for you. Unfortunately, due to how certificates are generated, we cannot manually send them to you via email.

What are the different certificate levels, and how do I get them?

There are three levels of the certificate! Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

  • Bronze is awarded for completing the badge and completing more than 12 activities from zones
  • Silver is awarded for completing the badge and completing 21 or more activities from zones
  • Gold is awarded for completing the badge and completing 41 or more activities from zones

My page doesn’t display quite right / the popups do not open.

There could be a few causes of this. The main one could be a popup blocker. Ensure you have this switched off if you have one. Another one is that Javascript is disabled, or being blocked, Check your browsers settings.

I’m using a mobile device and cant zoom in!

While we recommend using a larger screen device, if you are using a mobile device and need to zoom in on a page you may need to set your mobile browser to load the site in desktop mode.

I have multiple children but only one email address…

If this is the case you can still create an account for each child. Yor will need to edit your email on the registration form to add a number before the @ symbol for each extra child.

E.G. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Please follow this format, as if you need to contact us for support on the other accounts for things like password resets, then we will only respond to the original base email.

Pre-Event FAQ’s

Who can join?

Rainbows, Beavers, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Guides, adults or non-Scouty, non-Guidey people of any country or group! We encourage as many people to get involved as possible!

How do I access the activities?

Register your interest on our homepage and follow us on social media for updates before the event. At 10am on Saturday 3rd October head over to this website where activities will be released to begin your quest!

What if I can’t make the date?

That’s completely fine! The website will remain open however we recommend ordering your badges before the 18th October 2020 to ensure you are guaranteed a badge (although we hope some stocks will remain available after this time). It may also be useful to register your email for information updates before the event.

Do parents register for email updates or leaders?

Both! Leaders and Parents are both welcome to register their email for updates. The email entered on our holding page will only be used prior to the event opening, after which we will contact those who have actually registered on the activities when the site opens.

How do I earn the badge?

This will be explained fully when activities are released, but you must complete at least 2 activities from each section to earn your badge, though you can still order your badge before this once the event opens!

How do I order a badge?

You can either bulk order badges for your group or singles for individuals (check with your leader before ordering your own!). These can be ordered during the event but should also remain available after the weekend whilst stocks last. Keep an eye out for our badge shop when the event opens!

Can I wear the badge on my Uniform?

If you are from Kent Scouts we have permission for you to wear the badge on your uniform! But if you are from elsewhere you will need to ask your relevant local commissioner! You do not need permission to wear it on your camp blanket though!

How can I ‘be prepared’ for the event?

An Equipment list will be published here in the weeks prior to the event as well as emailed out to those who registered their email for updates.

How long is the event?

The weekend event begins 10am Saturday 3rd October and runs until 5pm Sunday 4th October 2020.

What is the prize draw?

Take part in activities between 10am on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday during the launch weekend and you will get an entry into our prize draw for each activity completed! You may also be able to find some unlisted hidden features around our site that will give you an extra achievement on your certificate and an extra prize draw entry. We are still confirming the prizes at the moment, but expect them to be African related.


Can I achieve the badge a different way?

Unlike the Climate Quest challenge that was built from a separate climate change badge, the only way to achieve the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge Badge is through this website. Though leaders are welcome to take the challenges listed on this site and perform them offline with their groups in person in order to earn the badge!

Can I link activities to other badges too?

Yes! Keep a record of your completed activities as some may double up to contribute towards achieving other Scout/Guide badges! We will try and list some relevant badge links under each activity, though these may only be listed for the UK. (Unfortunately we are UK based and there are so many other countries with relevant badges, so you may need to check the activities against your own country’s badge list)

I have a question not answered here, how can I contact you?

I had technical issues with the Climate Quest Event, will this happen again?

While we cant absolutely guarantee it wont, our IT team have much more time to prepare for this event than climate quest, so will be talking part in extra intensive testing to try and ensure the button problem that happened for a small number of users does not happen again. However we will have the usual backups in place. If you experienced this issue on the climate quest event we are always happy to hear from you with your username, along with your web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc) used for the event and device (laptop, iPhone, etc), which helps us greatly in narrowing down the issues that occurred on the last event.

I took part in Climate Quest, will I need to re-register a new account?

No, if you created an account with us for climate quest, then you should be able to log in to the Kilimanjaro Adventure Challenge Badge with the same credentials and they will be synced with this site.

Do Leaders need to get involved?

Leaders do not have to get involved any more than sending the link to your young people, however, you may have an even greater time if you arrange to have some video calls with your section to work on some activities together!

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